Our Objectives

to produce leaders & missionaries of prayer and fasting


  1. Produce missionaries of prayer and fasting
  2. Produce leaders of prayer and fasting
  3. Ensure that discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ as was lived and practiced by brother Zach is taught by Biblical teaching and life
  4. Produce people who seek, find, know and love God. Such will serve God as an overflow of the knowledge of God and love for God
  5. Produce people with a knowledge of God who will pray specifically for the success of our ministry (the ministry God has give us through brother Zach)
  6. Ensure that all who come to the courses pray in a disciplined way and:
    • receive answers to their prayers
    • Pray an average of 1-3 hours alone a day
    • fast an average of 1 day each week and 3-7 days each month
    • Have the appropriate prayer documents
  7. Ensure that praying and fasting pastors, evangelists and spiritual leaders are produced

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