Our Prospectives

The campus with a 10 km prayer path around it


  1. The campus for the WUPF will have 2.5 km by 2.5 km prayer path (i.e., 10 km) around it with places for prayer along the 10 km path
  2. A series of 48 books entitled "Practical Helps for Praying Believers" will be available in the near future
  3. The Faculties:
    1. Faculty of prayer with department of
      • General praying
      • Fasting
      • Intercession
      • Living and walking by faith
    2. Faculty of fasting
    3. Faculty of revival
    4. Faculty of Excellence
  4. God being our helper WUPF will produce 10 000 distinct ministers of prayer and one million people who have gone through the general course
  5. There will be a World Conquest Library (WCL) with one million titles

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Avenue Zacharias Tanee Fomum, P.O. Box 385 Koume/Bertoua, Cameroon

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