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WUPF Course for Children 10-18 years

A World University of Prayer and Fasting course for children 10 to 18 years old of the Headquarters Spiritual Province and any other

The World University of Prayer and Fasting is a Christian Institution that God gave Brother Zach to serve His interests through His people all over the world, no matter the Christian group to which they belong.

It serves the people of Christian Missionary Fellowship International specifically with respect to helping them to accomplish the goal God gave them. The World University of Prayer and Fasting started in September 1999 with a Special School of Prayer at the Obili Centre of Christian Missionary Fellowship International in Yaoundé, Cameroon to treat a prayer course titled “The School of Holiness” and at the beginning of the course Brother Zach announced that God had given us the World University of Prayer and appointed Sister Emilia as the Vice Chancellor.

She was set apart for that task and Brother Zach laid hands on her with a prophetic word. It was God’s approval of us as a prayer ministry. 

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